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Tactical Booking Filtering

Elevate your property's success by welcoming the right guests. Explore a secure, extended income stream with insurance bookings, family bookings and low-maintenance corporate bookings. We prioritise booking safety, strategically positioning your property for optimal and secure hosting. Uncover how our expertise ensures your property attracts guests who appreciate its unique offerings.

A hand holding up a house representing an insurer giving a family an Airbnb to stay in

Insurance Placements

When your property hosts insurance guests during renovations or relocations, you enjoy a stable, extended stay income. Insurance bookings are the preferred choice in the industry, providing a secure and lengthy occupancy. We collaborate with a variety of insurance companies to ensure your property is the top choice for their clients' temporary stays.

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Family Holidays

Welcome families to your property to create lasting memories. Family bookings typically last longer, meaning more revenue for you, while also having a high rate of repeat bookings. We will help you position your property as the ideal family-friendly retreat and help you attract these valuable bookings.

A corporate clipboard representing corporate bookings

Corporate Bookings

Corporate bookings are low maintenance. The guests appreciate a quiet atmosphere and well-styled space. Corporate bookings are great because they add demand for the property during the week, not just on the weekend. This midweek occupancy serves as a great boost to your revenue.

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