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Elevating Your Property
*Our styling and furnishing service is additional to our all-in-one service

While initially perceived as an optional luxury, property styling is a pivotal element for an Airbnb's success. It's not just about aesthetics; it's a strategic tool that drives interest, bookings, and sustained income. In an online-driven booking landscape, your property's photographs are the ambassadors of its allure. Leveraging over a decade of industry experience, we've observed that meticulously styed properties consistently command higher occupancy rates pricing than their non-styled counterparts. This isn't merely about visual appeal; it's a savvy investment in maximizing your property's potential and securing enduring success in the competitive Airbnb marketplace.

Our expert team specialises in creating visually captivating spaces that leave a lasting impression on guests. By carefully curating stylish furnishings and décor, we elevate the appeal of your property, setting the stage for exceptional guest experiences.

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Why Invest in Styling & Furnishing?

Increased Tenant Interest

A styled and furnished Airbnb attracts more tenants due to its visually appealing and inviting ambiance. The thoughtfully curated decor creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making potential tenants eager to experience a comfortable stay.

Positive First Impression

A well-styled property leaves a positive first impression on potential tenants. The attention to detail and aesthetic appeal showcase your property's value and care, setting it apart from other listings in the competitive rental market.

Higher Rental Rates

Tenants are willing to pay higher rental rates for a beautifully furnished Airbnb that offers a delightful living experience. Stylish furnishings and decor elevate the perceived value of the property, allowing you to command premium rental prices.

Better Occupancy

The visual appeal and comfort of your Airbnb will attract guests like never before, reducing vacancy periods to a minimum. Say goodbye to empty nights and hello to a steady stream of rental income.

Enhance Reviews & Referrals

Tenants who stay in a well-styled and comfortable Airbnb are more likely to leave positive reviews and recommend the property to others. Positive feedback and word-of-mouth referrals further enhance the property's reputation, attracting more potential tenants.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

A styled and furnished Airbnb attracts more tenants due to its visually appealing and inviting ambiance. The thoughtfully curated decor creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making potential tenants eager to experience a comfortable stay.

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Styling & Furnishing FAQ's

Is styling and furnishing included in your all-in-one service?
Our styling and furnishing service is excluded from our all-in-one Airbnb management service. Whilst the furnishing will mostly concern empty or partially empty properties, the styling service can cater to all properties already furnished to give the extra boost that will enhance booking activity and price. It comes as optional but strongly recommended option.
How do you determine the right style for my property?
We take a personalised approach. Our team considers your property's unique features, your target audience, and your preferences. We work closely with you to create a style that suits your property and resonates with potential guests.
Can I choose the furnishings & decor for my property?
Yes! You are free to work with our interior designers and choose specific items you would like.
Do I need styling & furnishing before putting my property on Airbnb?
All properties in our portfolio must be presented to a certain standard, this is for our combined benefit of maximising occupancy, ratings, and therefore revenue. Your property may be furnished harmoniously and styled aesthetically though, in which case no extra styling or furnishing would be needed.
Will styling & furnishing be done before my property is listed on Airbnb?
Yes, styling and furnishing will be completed before your property is listed. This is an integral part of our setup process, ensuring that your listing stands out with stunning photographs from the moment it's on the market.
Is this service expensive?
No, our styling and furnishing service is competitively priced to offer exceptional value and we guarantee the best prices in the market. We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness and aim to provide you with a top-notch service without breaking the bank.

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