10 necessary items to be a good host in Melbourne.

It’s now official; you have decided that you wanted to become a host by renting your property through short term rentals. Your guests might be coming from any part of Australia or any other country, and their expectations might be really different. By having the following items available, you should provide the ideal experience to any guest.

Fresh clean towels

Freshly cleaned towels

While it might seem obvious to most of you, freshly cleaned towels offered to your guests is not yet a standard in 100% of listings. Fresh, stainless towels should always be made available. A large and medium size towel along with a face washer per person is ideal. Try to ensure towels are of the same colour fir consistency and displayed nicely either on the bed or in the bathroom for easy access.

Overseas visitors and local attractions

Some guests might be coming to Melbourne to visit family or friends while others are interested in visiting the hot tourist spots or some of the many events happening in the city. Having lists of major attractions and current events makes it easy for your guests to decide and can save them valuable time.

City/transport map

Most guests renting a property may not be familiar with the city. It is always useful to have a map indicating your property location as well as areas of interest. The transport map will show them how easy it is to reach their desired sites.

Travel adaptors

If your guests come from overseas, they will be very happy to find universal adaptors for their electronic devices. While it is not a requirement, having one will pleasantly surprise your international guests.



While we might enjoy different types of breakfasts, coffee and tea are pretty much universal morning drinks and guests who prefer to have a lazy morning at your property rather than going to a local café would appreciate free tea/coffee and sugar available for them to use. If you are hosting a family, hot chocolate might also please children.

Water bottles

Sightseeing can be an exhausting activity, having cold bottles of water in your fridge is light on your pocket and a luxury for your guests.

Appliances guide

There is nothing more frustrating than standing in front of an oven or dryer without knowing how to turn it on. While it might seem straight forward to you, people from other countries who are accustomed to different machines and devices may have a hard time just getting it to turn on. Indicating the proper use of each appliance will save headaches to your guests and will prevent any misuse.

Entertainment System

sound system

It's highly likely that your guests will be spending some time relaxing at your property before or after a long day out. It is important the property has easy access to the TV and music system. Having a sound system your guests can easily connect their phones or tablets to (via Bluetooth, wifi or cable) with easy instructions on how to use the TV is always greatly appreciated.

Bathroom essentials

Offering toothpaste, soap and shampoo to your guests will remind them why they are choosing a local apartment over a hotel. They get access to the same services while enjoying a more functional approach to their holidays.

Fresh quality linens

An important part of your initial investment will be to purchase new quality linens. Cotton linens are preferable and the natural material breathes and makes it more comfortable to sleep in. Ensure they are cleaned to a high standard between guests.

Welcome Hamper (optional)

To achieve a 5 star rating, you might also want to consider surprising your guests with a welcome hamper with fresh food & drinks. While hampers are not a necessity, they tend to be well regarded and could be considered for long bookings.

We hope this list will help you to be ready to host your guests and provide them with the best experience.


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